Fashion & Sustainability Summit The 2020 Series


A series of 20 weekly conferences


Fashiondex & LIM College

Fashiondex is a platform by apparel industry publishers and consultants specialising in up-to-date, online, in person and in print sourcing, design, production and sustainable fashion information since 1994.

LIM College of Business and Fashion offers studies from undergraduate to graduate level, online or on campuses across Midtown Manhattan, in New York. LIM College prepares students for successful careers in the global business of fashion and its many related industries.

About the Event/ COurse

Presented by Fashiondex & LIM College

A series of 20 weekly conferences focusing on processes, practices, strategies, and solutions for fashion businesses to lead in climate change, social responsibility, environmental sustainability and circularity.

Weekly series agenda:

Week 1 – A Sustainability Conversation with Free People

Week 2 – A Conversation on Helping Brands Lower Their Impacts

Week 3 – A Conversation on Place-Based Sourcing with Local and Domestic Suppliers

Week 4 – A Conversation on Sustainability with the Responsible Brands

Week 5 – An Open Conversation on How to Reduce Transportation Impacts

Week 6 – An Open Conversation on Sustainability at Marc Jacobs

Week 7 – An Open Conversation on Sustainability at Eileen Fisher

Week 8 – An Open Conversation on Domestic, Place-based and Sustainable Production

Week 9 – An Open Conversation on Customised, On-demand and Small-batch Production

Week 10 – Conversations on Fashion Waste and the Circular Economy

Week 11 – An Open Conversation on Social Compliance and Fashion

Week 12 – An Open Conversation on Transparency, Traceability and Accountability Technologies

Week 13 – An Open Conversation on Material Sustainability

Week 14 - TBC

Week 15 – An Open Conversation on Sustainability and Packaging

Week 16 – An Open Conversation on Sizing and Fit

Week 17 – A Panel Conversation on Brand and Store Sustainability and Working towards Carbon-neutrality

Week 18 - TBC

Week 19 – An Open Conversation on Creating Carbon-Neutral Fashion Events

Week 20 – An Open Conversation on Fashion and Activism for Social and Climate Change.

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