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Digital Event - Behind the Scenes, virtual open house


Infinited Fiber

Petri Alava (CEO), Ann Sarimo, (CMO) and the IFC team open the doors to their home

About the Event/ COurse

The buzz is already building around Infinited Fiber's virtual Open House on the 23rd of June.

Make sure you dont miss this opportunity to peek behind-the-scenes and see where the magic happens. Witness their innovative process & world-leading technology, discover the exceptional quality of their textiles, and ask the questions you want.

Are you ready to solve the problem of textile waste, infinitely?

Infinited Fibers closed-loop technology helps brands turn textile, cardboard and agricultural waste into new natural fiber. Thus reducing the usage of new virgin materials and creating a circular economy.

They have created a miracle: a technology that allows textile waste to be used again and again, preserving 100% quality.

Pre and post consumer textile transformed into a brand new material (that feels like cotton but is more economical and sustainable).

Infinited Fiber technology brings enormous social, environmental and economical impact to the textile value chain and everybody’s wardrobe

They are not simply recycling they are regenerating new fibers



LIVE: Welcome & Introduction
GMT 8 AM & 4 PM (11 AM & 7 PM FIN)
Petri Alava (CEO), Ann Sarimo, (CMO) and the IFC team open the doors to our home.

TOUR: Peek Behind the Scenes
GMT 8.15 AM & 4.15 PM (11.15 AM & 7.15 PM FIN)
Join an exclusive tour of our production process & showcase of IFC products. Hosted by Kirsi Terho (IFC).

LIVE: Recap and Q&A with our team
Petri Alava (CEO), Ann Sarimo (CMO), Kirsi Terho (Key Account Director) & Sakari Siren (CTO) answer your questions.

DISCUSSION: What happens to your old clothes?
GMT 9 AM & 5 PM (12 & 8 PM FIN)
Watch Traci Kinden (Founder of REvolve Waste) and Sini Ilmonen (Circular Economy Specialist) discuss the process of textile collection & sorting and new recycling technologies. Hosted by Johanna Virtanen (IFC).

LIVE: Recap and Q&A with our team

FIRESIDE CHAT: Meet IFC co-founder, Research Professor Ali Harlin
GMT 9.30 AM & 5.30 PM (12.30 & 8.30 PM FIN)
Learn about the origins of our innovative process and how our technology compares to other forms of textile recycling; plus its potential impact on the world. Hosted by Ann Sarimo (IFC).

LIVE: Recap and Q&A with our team
PANEL: How Infinited Fiber works in the supply chain
GMT 10 AM & 6 PM (1 & 9 PM FIN)
Our manufacturing partners share their experiences.
Hear from: Maurizio Costa (Commercial Manager at Eusebio SpA), Catarina Guise, (R&D Engineer at Inovafil Fiação S.A) and Lucija Kobal (R&D Manager at Tekstina d.o.o.). Hosted by Kirsi Terho (IFC).

LIVE: Recap and Q&A with our team
TALK: Material Futures
GMT 10.30 AM & 6.30 PM (1.30 & 9.30 PM FIN)
World-leading design and Innovation expert, Jonathan Cheung gives his perspective on sustainability, materials innovation and the future. Hosted by Ann Sarimo (IFC)

LIVE: Recap and Q&A with our team
DISCUSSION: Consumer Views
GMT 11 AM & 7 PM (2 & 10 PM FIN)
Meet Ani from Toronto, Maz from London and Sami from Helsinki who share their thoughts on sustainability, fashion choices and how they feel about the fabrics made from our fibers. Hosted by Petri Alava (IFC)

LIVE: Wrap Up
GMT 11.30 AM & 7.30 PM (2.30 & 10.30 PM FIN)
Discussion and final Q&A with the team.

Since you know others who might be interested in visiting Infinited Fiber's home, we encourage you to invite them along. And together, we can solve the problem of textile waste, infinitely.

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