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Fashion For Good & SPINNOVA

Lotta Kopra, CCO at SPINNOVA & Georgie Parker, Innovation Manager at Fashion For Good

About the Event/ COurse

Future of Fashion: Lab Tour with Spinnova
Get a behind the scenes glance of Spinnova lab in Finland and hear how they're disrupting the fashion industry with their sustainable fibre.

About this Event

On the 30th of June, Spinnova opens their doors for virtual tour of their lab and offices – giving a behind the scenes glance of how they are shaping the future of fashion by creating more sustainable fibres. Spinnova’s ground-breaking innovation turns wood pulp into fibre without the use of harmful chemicals. These fibres can be recycled several times over and the entire process uses up to 99% less water than conventional cotton.

Join our guides Lotta Kopra, Chief Commercial Officer at Spinnova and their Head of Communications, Emmi Berlin, who will share their insights into this disruptive innovation and what the future holds for Spinnova with Fashion for Good’s Innovation Manager Georgia Parker as moderator.

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