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About the Event/ COurse

Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020: A virtual celebration.

2020 marks the fourth year of The Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia: the event celebrating the commitment of fashion houses to sustainability, as they work to embrace rapid change while preserving the heritage and authenticity of small-scale producers.

This year’s extraordinary edition will center around the theme of togetherness and rebirth - to weave the new thread of our society, under the principles of social and environmental justice, starting from Italy.

Directed by Grammy-nominated Giorgio Testi and produced by Emmy Award winner Pulse Films, with Tendercapital Productions as executive producer, this revolutionary show designed by NorthHouse combines cinematic footage with a fusion of augmented reality and visual FX created using real-time game engines, and with the world’s leading talent and opinion formers appearing as holograms courtesy of ARHT Media.
This year there will be only five awards with iconic Chopard statuette award, produced in ethical gold, being handed to five recipients to mark the beginning of a new era.

On the evening of October 10th through a fusion of augmented reality, visual FX, film and hologram technology, we’ll bring a special edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards direct to your screen. Streaming on Youtube from Fashion Channel.

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