Transformers ED | KINGPINS


3 Days


Speakers: Andrew Olah, Transformers Foundation


Miguel Sanchez, Transformers Foundation

Helen Latham, The LYCRA Company

Michael Kininmonth, Lenzing

Simon Giuliani, Candiani Denim

Alberto DeConti, Rudolf Group

Jason Denham, DENHAM

Kerry Bannigan, Conscious Fashion Campaign

Ebru Ozaydin, Artistic Milliners

Alberto Candiani, Candiani Denim

Alice Tonello, Tonello

Salli Deighton, OSD Ltd

Rowan Hunt, Denim Research

Claire Ford, Claire Ford Consultancy / Outland Denim

Amy Roberton, Denim Specialist

Janelle Hanna, White Weft

Neha Celly, Bluehemia / Nece Gene

Jessica Gebhart, i and me

Malin Ekengren, Denim Specialist

Sue Barrett, Denim Forum

Laura Dixon, Three by one Europe®

Miles Johnson, Johnson Design Consultancy

Nick Williams, 4TH Avenue Graphics

Leanne Jae, Denim Specialist

Amy Leverton, Denim Dudes

Donwan Harrell, Art Meets Chaos

Andrew Olah, Transformers Foundation

About the Event/ COurse

In collaboration with Ravensbourne University London, this event is geared for students but open to anyone who wishes to learn about the denim supply chain and understand the environmental impact at each step of production. It is 100% free and 95% live on ZOOM.

Originally launched as a day-long event focused on illuminating the environmental and social impacts of each step of the denim supply chain, the October 2020 edition of ED pushes beyond those borders to explore the supply chain in a more in-depth and holistic manner over three days.

Here is an overview of all our speakers over the 3 day event, go check 'em out!


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