World Hope Forum Launch


One day event


PROGRAMME: (Timezone GMT+2)

10:30 Lidewij Edelkoort, World Hope Forum Manifesto

10:45 meet the WHF Ambassadors

11:00 Petra Janssen, WHF Ambassador for the Netherlands & founder of Social Label

11:30 Philip Fimmano, A Labour of Love: new design

12:00 lunch break

12:30 Rodney Lam, managing director & co-founder, Daily Paper

13:00 Pascale Gatzen, head of Practice Held in Common, ArtEZ

13:30 meet the WHF Ambassadors

13:45 short break

14:00 Bas Timmer, founder & designer, Sheltersuit

14:30 Michiel van Maren, 2020 Design Academy Eindhoven graduate

15:00 meet the WHF Ambassadors

15:15 Tord Boontje, designer & creator of Do-It-Together

16:00 approximate end

Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the world’s most respected cultural forecasters, working in industries from design and fashion to food, architecture, beauty and retail. Founded in 1986, her company Trend Union produces design and colour tools for strategists and creatives alike. She is also a magazine publisher, a champion for craft, a design educator and an exhibition curator. In 2015 her much-talked about ANTI_FASHION Manifesto was the first to raise awareness about the shifts and upheavals currently experienced in the global fashion industry, calling for a total overhaul of the system. She is currently Dean of Hybrid Studies at Parsons School of Design where she has founded a Masters in Textiles, joining together craft and tech for a sustainable future. Her work as an agent for change culminated in the founding of the World Hope Forum in 2020 as a platform to inspire the creative community to rebuild a better society.@lidewijedelkoort

Philip Fimmano is a design consultant, curator and writer, contributing to Trend Union’s forecasting books, magazines and strategic studies for international firms working in fashion, interiors and lifestyle. With company partner Lidewij Edelkoort, he has co-created exhibitions for museums and cultural institutions around the world. In 2011, he co-founded Talking Textiles; an ongoing initiative to promote awareness and innovation in textiles through touring exhibitions, a trend publication, a design prize and free educational programmes – including New York Textile Month, a citywide festival celebrating textile creativity each September. Fimmano teaches a forecasting masters at Polimoda in Florence and is also on the board of directors for the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe.@philipfimmano

About the Event/ COurse

Founded by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano, the World Hope Forum is an organisation whose main goal is to create a global platform for the exchange and expansion of knowledge, innovation of business practices, the resetting of making methods, the invention of alternative models, the rethinking of the rituals of selling, sharing and bartering – and other initiatives yet to be discovered.

In this first meeting of great spirits and inspiring speakers, they invite general audiences from around the globe to join them and celebrate this WHF launch for the Netherlands. This conference will address several topics such as the climate crisis, inclusivity, waste management, cooperation, indigenous design, archeology as a source of inspiration, and the inclusion of the humanities in design. Multiple ideas about slowing down and scaling down; doing good for people and the planet alike.

The World Hope Forum is a new gathering that will include climate change on its agenda as well as caring for all neglected people involved in production chains and services. Under the leadership of ambassadors chosen in participating countries, the World Hope Forum will bring together speakers and selected case studies, good practices, retail reinventions and innovative ideas that will sprout in the spring of revival. Different solutions and scenarios brought together in a global (virtual) forum once a year. Dynamic concepts and economic data will be analysed and exchanged, for all of us to learn from and to inspire our creative energies. The results will be subsequently published and open-source access will allow others to follow. Rebuilding the renaissance of society together.

We can start up from scratch and build new systems where social and common aspects outweigh the ego, where morals and values overrule shareholder profits, and where collaboration and cooperation prevail to give more people equal opportunities. We have no choice but to join forces and stand together. New pacts need to be forged between fibre farmers, yarn makers, textile industries and fashion houses, between raw material producers, independent designers and their craftspeople. Whole chains need to be integrated, stimulated by federal funds, finding a shared interest and income from this rebirth in business. The economy of hope has the potential to transform society from within.

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