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Melbourne based global leader of merino wool and natural fibre circular knits.




ABMT Australia is home to MerinoEdge and is a recognized global leader in natural fibre circular knit manufacturing servicing a diverse customer base covering local fashion retailers through to global sports and outdoor brands.
Located 40kms west of Melbourne’s CBD and Shipping Port, the Australian base is ABMT’s hub for Research and Development, as well as being the manufacturing base for ABMT’s Merino Wool, Organic Cotton and Fashion Fabric programs.
ABMT’s extensive assortment of knitting machines, in single jersey, double knit and jacquard, combined with the latest in low liquor ratio dyeing machines and broad finishing capabilities such as compaction, decreasing and brushing, provide an almost limitless scope in circular knits. With the flexibility of local Australian production, ABMT offers MOQ’s as low as 500mts per order.
We encourage our creative, highly experienced and energetic team to continuously improve and challenge the existing whilst developing the new to excite and lead the market. ABMT Australia believes that the environment does not have to be sacrificed for quality. Our ambition is to create quality products with minimal environmental impact; by promoting responsible farming, cleaner manufacturing and utilizing the wonderful benefits of sustainable natural fibres.
ABMT Australia is proud of its record in significantly lowering the environmental impact normally associated with textile manufacturing and also for our use of sustainable products and practices. Cleaner production measures were incorporated into the original design of the Australian plant. Ongoing projects are always taking place to reduce electricity, gas and water usage.
With a full on-site 5 stage water treatment plant, up to 85% of ABMT water is able to be reused, either back through the manufacturing process or via 3rd party recycled water programs for agriculture parklands and industry.


ABMT China is a modern privately-owned enterprise established by ABMT Australia in 2005, specializing in natural fibre and natural fibre blend terry, fleece, Ponte, double-knit and jersey. With its main office situated in Shanghai, the factory is located on the Ning-Shao Plain, just outside of Ningbo. It boasts a superior location which is only 35 km to Ningbo Airport, 2hrs travel by fast train from Shanghai, and an hour’s drive to the deepwater Beilun Harbor.
The operation in China leverages the highly successful Australian operation, therefore able to achieve greater processing efficiencies, product continuity and innovative product.


Merino Edge

As one of the original pioneers of merino circular knits, ABMT has over 15 years of experience in working with what we strongly believe is the best fibre on earth.

From where the wool is grown…
In having R&D, Bulk Production, Testing, Management and Customer Service all under one roof in Melbourne Australia, we are able to ensure that our customers are rewarded with high-quality product, from original concept through to bulk production. Furthermore, as Australia is the world’s largest producer of fine micron merino wool, we are regularly engaged with our nation’s wonderful farmers ensuring our customers social, ethical and environmental expectations are shared with the broader supply chain.
Our facility is purpose-built to work with natural fibres and with knitting capabilities ranging from 14gg to 30gg in single jersey, double knit and jacquard combined with speciality finishing equipment such as compactors, decatisers, croppers, sanders, brushing and tumblers, the diversity of ABMT’s merino offering has no peer.








Oekotex, Australian certified Organic, ISO9001, ISO14001, R.W.S, Fairtrade Certified Organic Cotton



Head Office

100-128 Ferris Road




Office Locations

Shanghai & New Jersey, USA

Production Locations:

Australia & China

Agent locations:

USA, Canada, NZ, UK


​Development, Manufacturing and Supply of Natural Fibre Knitted Fabrics

  • Collaborative product development

  • Professional technical support

  • Seasonal production planning

  • Vertical partnerships (OCC Apparel)

  • Full onsite testing laboratories

  • Yardage screen printing & off-shore sublimation printing

  • Flexible MOQ’s (500mts +)

  • Global sales support

  • Worldwide shipping and logistics management

  • Wholesale partnerships (OCC Apparel/Charles Parsons)



Stock is Available

No on-line store


500mts (AU) 3000mts (CN)



Global Sales Manager




Mr. Julian Collins

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Goal 11

Cities are lively hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity and much more. But they face many challenges such as pollution, lack of basic services for many citizens, and declining infrastructure. Our cities and villages need to be clean and safe cities, with good housing and basic services like water and electricity. They also need clean transport systems and green areas that everyone can enjoy.

Goal 12 wants to make us think twice about the things we use, the waste we create, and how that impacts the planet. Changing our behaviour towards more sustainable actions such as recycling really makes a difference when everyone -that includes individuals, companies, government - contributes.

Goal 14

is about protecting the oceans, seas and all its species. Why?

Because oceans provide food, medicines, biofuels and jobs for millions of people. Keeping healthy oceans also helps us address climate change. We need healthy oceans, and they need us to protect them!

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