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25 MAY

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24-26 MAY 2022 - B2B

4th Floor | Hanover House | Melbourne

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DAY 2- 25 MAY

09:00 am


With Luke Haverhals

Founder and CEO of Natural Fiber Welding, Inc.

More new tonnage of plant materials grows in a day on the planet than the total tonnage of all synthetic materials (e.g., plastics) produced by people in years. Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) is a patented fabrication platform that enables new high performance materials for textiles and beyond. NFW leverages the most abundant high performance materials that nature provides to create complex, all-natural composites that can not be manufactured in any other way. Production of amazing nutrient-based high performance materials are being scaled by the NFW team right now and range from 'practical' solutions to recycle billions of pounds of cotton and zero plastic all-natural plant-based leather-like materials, to 'exotic' clean water applications and even wearable capacitive energy storage. Luke's team is working with like-minded people and companies globally, including here in Australia who desire scalable solutions that solve global problems. 

Luke Harverhals.png

LUKE Haverhals

Founder and CEO of Natural Fiber Welding, Inc.

10:30 am

Understanding Australian Cotton on the Global stage and the value in

direct grower relations.

With the ever-increasing challenges in global supply chains from growing trade uncertainty to greenwashing, Australian cotton has taken a more visible and prominent role among brands and their suppliers because of its market value, pioneering sustainability, and its transparency-by-default approach to trade.  This has led to more brands being able to take a direct-to-fibre approach to sourcing. This panel will explore the opportunities for the Australian cotton industry to lead the change toward an even more transparent, fair, and sustainable cotton sector.

12:00 - 13:30

FROM IDEAS TO ACTION: Grants, Funding & Investment to scale | Workshop

Hosted by: Sustainability Victoria’s Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre and Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub.

Understand the help that's out there for your innovative product, business ventures and how to scale up. You’ll learn about funding and business support programs, hear tips from other businesses and get answers to your burning questions about bringing your ideas to life.

This workshop will enable participants to engage with representatives from various funding and support programs and understand their best options for pursuing their business venture.

Maximum capacity of 40 people for this workshop - Please sign up here

Peter - Libert Fabric.jpg

Peter Redding

Liberty Fabric

Head of Sales for Australasia

15:00 - 15:35

Next generation knit technology: exploring the possibilities of zero waste knit, mass customisation, and hyper local manufacturing

Through the application of the latest in 3D knit technology eliminating waste becomes easy however the benefits don’t stop there. With this sophisticated technology knit garments can be mass customised at the push of a button, and made locally from anywhere in the world. Offering consumers and brands the opportunity to connect deeper, with less impact, greatly reduced shipping and supply chain lead times.  This is the future, and it is happening now. 

Join Knovus in this 30 minute session & then book into a more in-depth training session which will be held on Saturday 28th at 1:30pm - All ticket holders of B2B can access B2C for free.

Trish-1 2.jpg

Patricia Chircop

Director, Knovus

16:15 - 16:45

Recovering Hidden Value in Australia: How the industry can become circular

Textile supply chains are evolving in new directions, where sustainability, circularity and competitiveness are directly linked to joining forces through strategic partnerships throughout the value chain to share innovation, inspiration and solutions advanced beyond their “business as usual”. In this two-part session we will hear from two fibre, textile and industry specialists who will talk about what we need to do in Australia to be able to create a circular system using both traditional spinning methods and closed-loop cellulosic fibre processing. They will discuss how we can incorporate Australian grown cotton into these systems as future feedstock in additon to pre and post consumer textile and agricultural waste and how we can do it together.
We will then be joined by our international panel of specialists at 17:00 who will talk about how we can recover the hidden value from materials that already exist and how it can be done at scale.


Coming Soon

Founder, CEO RawAssembly

Crispen Argento.jpg

Crispen Argento

Founder & CEO,

The Sourcery


Rodney Thanh

Chief Executive Officer,

Fashion Enterprise Co. Ltd


Sophie Chapman

Knitwear Product Development Manager at Country Road Group

Emma Forster.png

Emily Jones 

Sustainability Victoria’s Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre

Birchal Headshots_105.jpeg

Claire Brown

Senior Campaign Manager - Birchal

Nicole T Garofano.png

Dr. Nicole T Garofano

Head of Circular Economy Development

Planet Ark and the Australian Circular Economy Hub


James Bartle

Outland Denim

Guest Speaker

Birchal Capital Raise

Suzanne Paynter.png

Suzanne Paynter

Chief Operating Officer,

i4Connect  - Delivery partner for the Australian Government's Entrepreneurs Programme

Ian Wong.png

Ian Wong

 CEO and co-Founder, Circular Economy Victoria

Stretching into three centuries, the Liberty archive of over 50,000 prints tells the story of the major art and design movements of the last almost-150 years, with hundreds of new hand-drawn artworks added every year. Liberty Fabric's presentation will introduce our visitors to the latest in the line of historical prints and fabric.

Liberty of London | Liberty Fabric presentation

14:00 -14:45


Meriel Chamberlin


Full Circle Fibres


Christopher Hurren

Research Fellow at Deakin University

17:00 - 18:00

Recovering Hidden value at scale - Globally

Accounting for around 62% of the global fibre market, synthetic materials, mostly made from fossil fuels, should be considered the ‘sharp end’ of the textile industry’s urgent need for next-gen materials — different material innovators are already looking for a solution in nature’s most abundant polymer: cellulose!

Making cellulose textile circularity an everyday reality across the globe. Hear from our international panel of fibre-to-fibre specialists & brands who are leading the charge.

_N1A0080 (1) (2) (1) (1) (2).jpg

Brittany Burns

Director of Strategy at Fashion For Good


Petri Alava-Infinited Fiber RawAssembly.jpg

Petri Alava

CEO and co-founder of Infinited Fiber Company 

Enrica - Orange Fiber RawAssembly.jpg

Enrica Arena

CEO at Orange Fiber srl

Christine Goulay headshot .webp

Christine Goulay

Global Director, PANGAIA B2B

18:15 pm

Material Science & Future Fibres with PANGAIA

With Dr. Amanda Parkes

Dr. Amanda Parkes is a fashion scientist with over 15 years of experience in fashion innovation, sustainability, wearable technology, interaction design and smart materials spanning research, development, and product commercialisation for start ups and major tech and fashion companies.

Amanda is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Pangaia, a material science brand and collective building a sustainable future in lifestyle products as well as the Chief Innovation Officer of Future Tech Lab, an investment company focused on high tech sustainable solutions in material science and biofabrication.

Amanda Parkes.jpg

Amanda Parkes

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