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24 MAY

26 MAY

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24-26 MAY 2022 - B2B

4th Floor | Hanover House | Melbourne

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DAY 3 - 26th MAY

Lucianne Tonti - RawAssembly.jpg

Lucianne Tonti

Regenerative fashion writer, editor and consultant


Helen Crowley

Partner at Pollination Group

Magan .jpg

Megan Meiklejohn

SVP, Supply Chain Innovation - Land to Market Program at Savory Institute

Caroline Poiner.jpg

Caroline Poiner

Founder & CEO, Artisans of Fashion & Cloth & Co.

11:00 -12:00


A hands-on practical workshop for designers, producers and retailers who have heard the term "circularity" and are interested in the concept but are not sure where or how to start. In this workshop, you will learn from designers who have already embedded circularity into their practice.

What are the different decisions they are taking as a consequence of embedding circularity?

What challenges have they faced and how have they dealt with them?

What are the benefits of placing people and the planet at the centre of what they do bring to their business?

40 person maximum capacity - please register here

Courtney Holm - ABCH -HS-Colour -2000px.jpeg

Courtney Holm

Founder A.BCH

Julie Boulton.jpg

Julie Boulton


12:30 -13:30

This panel will spark conversation around resource recovery, circular economy and early stage mycelium trials. 

Our panelists will explore how mycelium can help transform the Australian Fashion Industry's resource recovery issues and how all of our packaging from fashion to food can be grown to order.

With the triple threats of climate change, resource depletion and waste build-up, a radical transformation of how we interact with nature is needed. Designers interested in the future of materials are taking inspiration from nature’s design systems and creating a circular economy of materials, grown, fabricated, used and, at the end of their life cycle, biodegraded or reused. Fungi are catalysts for this change. Their natural design principles and manufacturing capabilities are being engineered in the upcoming biotechnology revolution. Using minimal energy, fungi can be engineered to produce high-performing

materials with precision.

Mycelium Intelligence: networks rooted in Circularity

Clara Vuletich.jpg

Dr. Clara Vuletich

Future Fashion Agency & Academy

Circularity Coach & Advisor

Amanda Morgan.jpg

Amanada Morgan

Founder and Head of Research and Development at Fungi Solutions Pty Ltd.


Jade Zulian

Design Coordinator


Alia Headshot_May 2022.jpg

Alia Parker

Scientia PhD Candidate

An experimental designer, researcher and lecturer .

14:00 - 15:00

Solving fashion’s biggest issues: Overproduction, overconsumption and high quality resource recovery

09:00 -10:00

This panel brings together three of the biggest names in the international movement towards regenerative farming of natural fibres. The discussion will explore the farming practices that restore biodiversity, soil health and ecosystem functionality to landscapes the fashion industry has typically used and abused. From smallholder cotton farms to the Australian wool industry, to the rangelands of Mongolia this panel will look at how changing the way we farm natural fibres can drive positive outcomes for communities, farmers and landscapes. 


Reducing consumption and production is the only way fashion brands can make good on sustainability. As brands rethink their operations this panel will look at alternative business models that can help keep products in use for longer whilst providing pathways for all to access high quality products. The panel will look at strategic partnerships that can help any brand take a step in the right direction today.

Sam Sharpe head shot.jpg

Sam Sharp

Associate Professor & Research Director  Institute for Sustainable Futures at University of Technology Sydney


Aleasha McCallion

Strategic Projects Manager MSDI

Thread Together RawAssembly.jpeg

Anthony Chesler

CEO, Thread Together


Matt Davis

CEO, Salvos Stores

16:30 -17:15

In Conversation with Debbie Luffman from ThinkCircular - Why its time to rethink the fashion system

Debbie has over 20 years broad experience in fashion and textiles and runs the consultancy ThinkCircular, as a circular strategist and activist, supporting designers, business and the wider industry transition towards a positive and circular fashion ecosystem.


From 2008 - 2021 she was Product Director at pioneering, sustainable outdoor clothing brand, Finisterre, where she led ambitious initiatives to significantly reduce the brand’s environmental impact, through textile innovation, strategic partnerships and implementing circular business models.


Debbie is also a co-founder and passionate leader within the Fashion Declares Movement and a trustee at environmental charity Hubbub.

Debbie Luffman.jpg

Debbie Luffman


17:30 - 18:30

Fashion for Good

To help close our event for this year, the Fashion for Good team will take us on a tour of their brand new exhibition LIVE from Amsterdam. 

The Fashion for Good Museum is an interactive fashion museum for the future of fashion, where we tell the stories behind the clothes you wear and how your choices can have a positive impact on people and our planet. 

* Please note this is an add-on session when booking your main event tickets - please book in advance - seating is limited. Virtual tickets are also available for this session for anyone that cannot attend in person.

fashion for good.webp

Fashion For Good Live Museum tour

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